Wild Apricot for WordPress

Do you use WordPress with Wild Apricot? Today, integrating Wild Apricot functions and content with WordPress requires the use of an embedded iframe gadget. This approach is extremely limited from a design and usability perspective. The experience is not always consistent with the WordPress theme design, and in some cases clicking on a link may take you off the WordPress website entirely.  Accessibility and responsive, mobile device support also can suffer. If you want to use WordPress as the content management system for Wild Apricot, read on!

NewPath Consulting is actively designing a Wild Apricot for WordPress plugin with the following features:

  • Shortcodes support quick and easy integration of Wild Apricot database content into any WordPress page, post or template.
  • One or more Wild Apricot databases can be combined into one member directory, useful for multi-chapter organizations.
  • Supports default, custom CSS classes assigned to all elements.
  • Can attach your own custom CSS classes to data elements.
  • Use Boolean filters to search Wild Apricot contact data with simple English-like phrases.
  • Ongoing support for integrating Wild Apricot content such as event calendars, member profile editing, event registration, membership renewal and other transactions.
  • Supports the current Wild Apricot API

We are looking for volunteers to beta test the plugin. Please fill out the form below to become a beta tester.